Car Repairs on High Mileage Cars

What You Need to Know About Owning a High-Mileage Car

You spend much time in your car, carrying you faithfully through all sorts of conditions. You’d like it to keep on, which means taking care of it with regular trips to your trusted auto repair shop, Merced Radiator, in Merced, California! But if your car is considered “high mileage,” that care may entail a little extra. So what is a high mileage car?

If you think high mileage means vehicles with over 100,000 miles, you’re partly right! But high mileage can also mean a vehicle driven over 15,000 miles a year. So, while a 1978 Chevy Camaro with 25,000 miles on its odometer is NOT a high mileage car, a 2022 Honda Accord with the same 25,000 miles is. And no matter the age of your high mileage car, that much driving should mean you’re seeing your trusted ASE-certified mechanic often for regular auto maintenance. But in addition to the standard factory-recommended services, there are some extra possible items that will need your attention beyond the standard oil changes, tire rotations, alignment checks, and fluid flushes.

Everything wears down over time, no matter how careful your care, and automobiles with substantial mileage will eventually reach a point where parts begin to reach the end of their expected life span and wear out. You don’t need to buy a new car when that happens as long as you’re working with an auto mechanic. Say you bring your car in for a misfire, and the culprit is a leaky injector. With a high mileage vehicle, given the amount of effort and time required to reach the engine, your mechanic may recommend replacing all your automobile’s injectors at once to keep you from having to return later with the same issue, a different leaking injector, ultimately saving you time and money.

Perhaps most important, you should always have a car service shop you trust, staffed with ASE-certified auto mechanics who are familiar with your vehicle and common issues cars like yours might have, especially as they age. Merced Radiator is familiar with your vehicle’s factory-recommended maintenance schedule and any specific parts or systems that that model may wear and tear differently.

What that means is knowledgeable recommendations and expert service that’ll keep your car on the road for many miles. With Merced’s warrantied care, how long can your car stay on the road? With regular service and a little luck, count on 200,000 miles or beyond. Call or come by today.

Written by Developer Autoshop