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Where Suffering Through the Summer Isn’t Allowed

Your A/C Isn’t Working?

It’s one of the most important systems developed for comfort that comes standard with every vehicle. Yet, when an air conditioning system goes out, it’s one of the last things to get repaired on our checklist. Why? For starters, it can be an expensive repair. That is why we offer multiple financing options for much of the work we do on our vehicles. We take the worry out of payments for bigger repairs, which allows you to prioritize your comfort over your wallet. Whether your air conditioning system is experiencing a system leak or the condenser goes out, our ASE-certified technicians know all parts of a car’s A/C system. Don’t leave the comfort of your vehicle in the hands of just anyone. Let us prove why Merced County entrusts us with its vehicle safety and comfort. Our shop is equipped to service most A/C systems – including 1234YF for 2016 and up vehicles.